Excerpts from

"The Breath of Life"
by Ursula Gestefeld

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The night of sense-consciousness is past, and I wake to the spiritual day—the eternal Now. In the light of God I see my self anew.

The shadows of the night are gone, and I am free from suffering, disease, and death. I am filled now with health, strength, and joy unspeakable.

There is no room in me for any unlikeness to the Infinite One, for that One vibrates in every part of my being from least to greatest, and fills me with pulsating, invigorating, deathless life.

I rise from the passivity of the night to the activity of the day, in which I work the works of him that. sent me.

I wash away the last remnants of clinging mortality from before my Vision. and I see only the Son of God.

I cleanse my body from the impurity of false thought, and open every pore to the inflowing Divine Energy and Infinite Love, whose offspring I am.

I feel within me their uplifting power.

I clothe myself with garments of light, woven in the loom of life by the ministering angels who show me His will. They are with me now, they never leave me, and I will not forsake them. I put from me all desire which could make me unworthy to wear the robe of righteousness, and their hands shall bear me above all temptation. I descend the stairs which lead from the upper chamber of recognition of my God-Likeness to the lower room of experience, where I must manifest that relation to the world. I eat the food which is the bread from on high, that certain and sure supply which is mine as the child o God. I draw from the great storehouse that which I need in my work of the day. I feed upon the Word, the true Thought. I assimilate it, I em­body it, it works in me and through me, and naught can oppose or conquer it. It is being made flesh, it is being made my flesh, and in my flesh I shall see God. In my flesh I shall manifest God. There is nothing to fear, for Love is in all, through all, and over all. I give myself this day to my fellow-man for any and all service that shall show them their true selves. In me and in them is no evil, no misery, no crime. I see only the divine which is awaiting the Word to come forth, and this divine I call forth by the power of the Word. This Word is my word, and my every breath is a benediction—a message of good-will toward all men—for the Love which is God speaks in my word. The Father and I are in unity, and through me He comes to His own. Awakened, cleansed, clothed, and fed, I stand in the Now, and I know the Forever. I stand upon the Infinite, I look upon the finite, I feel the eternal, I breathe in the Absolute. I am that I am. With me is the everlasting Peace.


I have received my daily bread from on high and now I close the door of the outer sense while I digest and assimilate it.

I close this door in perfect confidence, sure of the divine protection which never slumbers nor sleeps.

I know Love is God and is Omnipotent and Omnipresent.

I turn from the objective world to the subjective knowing that I shall find my way, without harm or hindrance, to the green pastures and still waters of His beloved.

No psychic influence can turn me aside from this resting-place, for the Lord is my shepherd and him only do I serve.

I am free from all fear. I am free from all sense of injury. I have no enemies. No one has wronged me. I have in my heart no desire for retaliation. I feel only love for every human being.

I go to my rest in the desire to rise from it renewed and invigorated that I may still minister to my brethren.

I have laid aside the garments that belong to the outer world and I enter the soul-world clad in its own raiment, by which those who need me shall know me. I turn out the light of the material world.

I see the greater light which guides my footsteps. Its radiance shows me what I still lack and where to find the supply. In this light of God I take my journey for this night and wing my way to my real home, knowing that I shall find it and bring back from it what the kingdoms of this world can never give me.

For I go forth with only love in my heart, and this key will  unlock all the treasures of wisdom and power and health and peace. The curtains are drawn; the world fades away. On the wings of love I am rising to the heavenly spheres. I hear their far-off music.


Because of what I am in being, I stand upright before God. Above me is the sun of righteousness, materiality is under my feet. I cast no shadow that can alarm or deceive me.

The night of sense-consciousness is past and I am awake to the light that can never be extinguished. In its rays matter is transparent to me and I see the soul-world which is molded and peopled by my thought. I know its nature and that it is subject unto me. I am no longer drawn by it but by the attraction of this sun, and I am held upright, for my face is turned toward it, and not toward the ground.

I am poised, and though my feet are upon the ground I have found my wings which have been close-folded so long.

I spread them wide and none of the assaults from the soul-world, none of the clamor and strife can overthrow my equilibrium, for they bear me up while the light is on my face.

I see no longer the likeness of my false ideal of man, I see instead the likeness of God. The distorted shadow has faded away and the real man is come to his own.

The heavens are opened unto me, I see and I hear that which dwells therein. I know my home and my wings will bear me there.

I hold my hands wide to help those brethren whose wings are not yet unfolded, because they are still weighted with that false consciousness that bows them toward the ground.

I desire to help them to stand upright and turn their faces to the same sun, for I know that my home is also their home and that we have one Father.

Even though my wide-spread wings and firmly planted feet form the cross of crucifixion, I will fear no evil for I know there is no evil to fear.

Thou art with me, even through that which looks like death to those who are not standing under this sun where is no shadow.

Though I walk among them who see the shadow, that I may minister to these my brethren, I live in the light, I know only the light, with me it is always high noon.

And though darkness is over all the land when I finally lift my feet which have rested on the earth, and use only the wings which belong to the heaven,

I know not this darkness for I am not of that land.

I am of the Father, I go to the Father.

I came down from heaven that I might ascend up to it with my own wings.

I read the riddle, there is no mystery, all is light.

"The Breath of Life" by Ursula Gestefeld

Order in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $1.95 (+ printing charge)